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Marlo Ortiz Socket Design Exclusively Provided by FDR Center for Prosthetics

M.A.S We would like to take this opportunity to introduce a revolutionary new above-knee socket design called the Marlo Anatomical Socket (M.A.S.) created by Marlo Ortiz, CP (M) of Guadalajara, Mexico.

Like many innovations in prosthetics, this new development began with an amputee requesting something better. It started in 1999 with prosthetist, Marlo Ortiz, trimming down the back wall of the socket to make it more cosmetic in the buttocks area. What evolved is a socket configuration not only more cosmetic, but with an improved range of motion, comfort, suspension and control.

Senor Ortiz found that it was possible to lower the back shelf, and in doing so realized the tailbone area was easier to position when there was no interference from the buttocks. Overall trim lines are lower than the tailbone in the front and back of the socket.

With the buttocks cutout, no weight bearing occurs in this area. With no restrictions or interference from the hamstrings in the back of the socket, a closer fitting of the outside wall on the hip area was obtained. An exact fit is critical to the success of the socket.

MAS SocketWhile sitting, M.A.S. wearers feel the seat while wearing their prosthesis. Ranges of motion improvements are forward, backward, side-to-side as well as sitting cross-legged, demonstrating clearly the advantages of the socket design. M.A.S socket wearers traditionally are fit with no additional belts or straps depending on the length of the limb.

Stuart Furusho has obtained the necessary educational requirements and is qualified to introduce this new socket design to you. Come visit us for a free evaluation to determine if you are a candidate for the M.A.S. socket design.

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